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CarboScope Release 4.0

CarboScope Release 4.0, August 2010

CarboScope Release 4.0, August 2010

Many progress have been done in this version 4.0 of Carboscope including, particulary, a new design based on a Content Management System. There are many changes in the structure of the website.

The release 4.0 of CarboScope is based on the scientific results from the versions of the inverse systems listed below. Please, select the appropriate link for further information on the characteristics of each system version.
In the flux maps section we have included the mean average over a common period for each flux parameter.

CO2 Flux Estimation Sytems:

LSCE_AN : v2.1
LSCE_VAR : Lsce_var_v1.0 JENA_S96 : v3.2
JENA_S99 : v3.2
CarbonTracker_EU : CTE2008

In the CO2 time series section, we show some comparison of carboscope atmospheric inversions with: